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In two years’ time, you and other young people will work on accelerating the energy transition. You are part of our community in which you exchange knowledge and experiences. In a group of eight to twelve participants you attend the development sessions of the programme. You experiment with new models and theories under the guidance of our trainers. Furthermore, you develop influencing skills and give feedback to peers. In this way, you gain insight in how you can strengthen your personal impact.

The four development streams of the programme

The objective of the development programme is:
To offer our professionals a learning environment in which you develop into an impactful professional who makes a meaningful contribution to the acceleration of energy transition.

  • Developing energy expertise
    We offer knowledge in the areas of technology, regulations and market dynamics. We also keep the professionals updated on the latest developments around energy transition. This makes them a energie professional.
  • Transforming and experimenting
    The professionals experiment with models and strategies for managing projects and change effectively. They learn to co-create, to manage opposition and generate support.
  • Making impact
    Develop skills for making an impact in a complex environment by reflecting on their talents, motivation and interaction with the environment.
  • Forming coalitions
    They utilise their creativity and go beyond well known limits to form coalitions within the energy transition arena. You learn to manage the relationships and interests of different stakeholders.

During the journey
We constantly customise our programme according to the needs of the group via short feedback loops with our participants and trainers.
We are independent and involve trainers and partners who are passionate about the energy transition. By participating in the Development Programme, you become part of our Learning Community. This is a network of all participants in the development programme. We organise events with our community, such as: Energy Workshops with external speakers, client events, summer and Christmas drinks.

If you are interested in our programme, contact us directly at: or call 085 130 75 30.

Will you join us on the journey to acceleration?

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